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Welcome to the Confrontation: The Age of the Ragnarok - On-Line List Builder

I think I've finally got the site to a point where I can call it done and only apply fixes and improvements as needed. Please feel free to try it out and e-mail feedback or suggestions to totengraber666@yahoo.com. I will do my best to incorporate suggestions that I feel will improve the look/feel/function of this site.

Definite changes/updates:
  • Functionality for Incarnates/feats/attributes as shown in army book previews. (suggested by: Totengraber)
  • Tournament lists (no stats). (suggested by: Sryth)
  • Ability to modify existing units (Incarnates, Specialits, etc.). (suggested by: Totengraber)

Possible changes/updates:
  • PDF output for printable lists. (suggested by: Totengraber)
  • Display costs for unit and change unit costs as you change options. (suggested by: wolflord)
  • E-mail option for lists. (suggested by: Sryth)

Completed changes/updates:
  • Completed 2/19: Added functionality for "themes" and alternate banners.
  • Completed 1/7: Card images for units and incarnates. (suggested by: wolflord) (getting help from CCotD)
  • Completed 12/28: Updated database to match French Army Book differences. (thanks to: Aftermath)
  • Completed 12/21: Added mod to allow deletion of artifacts from an incarnate. (suggested by: Totengraber)
  • Completed 12/20: Banner slot verification. (suggested by: Totengraber)
  • Completed 12/20: Place on printable sheet for name of army. (suggested by Sryth)
  • Completed 12/19: Show Elixir points for incarnates on unit selections. (suggested by Sryth)
  • Completed 12/18: Printable version of the list. (suggested by: Sryth)
  • Completed 12/18: Added Red Dragon Incarnates to the list of allowed incarnates. (suggested by: Totengraber)
  • Completed 12/17: Fix names with special characters in them (lots of Cynwall and some others). (suggested by: emberdragonfire)
  • Completed 12/14: Adding up army list points and displaying in the right sidebar. (suggested by: Totengraber)
  • Completed 12/14: Unit sizes in unit display. (suggested by: wolflord)